How to Painlessly Pluck Your Eyebrows

July 2, 2012 Read the full article →
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Even though we are all born with perfect eyebrows, as we age our eyebrows can become a bit unruly and in need of grooming.  With that comes the options of Shaving, Waxing or Plucking (also known as tweezing). We’ve all heard the old wives tale that shaving your eyebrows will make them come back fuller and […]


I will never be a ‘Cat Lady’

October 3, 2010 Read the full article →
Orange Cat

Now I know that not everyone has a fondness for cats.  Many people actually say that they hate cats, that cats do not have a personality, etc.  Other people, I believe, are closet cat lovers.  And then there is the rest of us that not only love our feline companions, but really appreciate the uniqueness […]